Fuel Filter Case

About this product

The Fuel Filter Case (#23382-51090), an essential component in the Engine-Fuel category, plays a critical role in the Fuel Filter system of your Toyota vehicle. It houses the fuel filter, providing a secure and sealed environment that aids in the filtration of impurities from the fuel. This indispensable auto part functions optimally when it's a genuine Toyota part, ensuring total compatibility with the vehicle. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs each Fuel Filter Case (#23382-51090), offering peace of mind to the buyer. However, the Fuel Filter Case (#23382-51090) isn't invincible. Over time, it may become old or clogged, potentially leading to fuel contamination. A broken or non-functional case could even result in a fuel leak. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Fuel Filter Case (#23382-51090) is necessary to prevent possible engine damage or efficiency loss. In conclusion, the Fuel Filter Case (#23382-51090) contributes significantly to the vehicle's fuel system's overall efficiency and safety, making it a non-negotiable component in maintaining a well-functioning Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23382-51090

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