Governor Valve

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The Governor Valve (#35482-22010), a vital Drive-Chassis part in the Rear Oil Pump & Governor (Atm) system, plays a crucial role in regulating fluid pressure within the automatic transmission. As the vehicle moves, this auto part adjusts transmission shift points in accordance with speed by modulating the oil pressure. However, like many other car parts, the Governor Valve (#35482-22010) requires periodic replacement. If left unchecked, an old or clogged valve may disrupt fluid flow and impact transmission functionality. Genuine Toyota parts offer compatibility assurance and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A fully operational Governor Valve (#35482-22010) contributes significantly to overall transmission efficiency, thus maintaining optimal vehicle performance and safety. Remember, a faulty Governor Valve (#35482-22010) can jeopardize your vehicle's functionality; regular replacement ensures seamless transmission operations.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35482-22010

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