Governor Weight Inner

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The Governor Weight Inner (#35483-14010) is a vital Drive-Chassis component in the Rear Oil Pump & Governor (Atm) system of a Toyota vehicle. This auto part is crucial in controlling and maintaining the transmission's speed, enabling smooth and efficient gear shifting. The Governor Weight Inner (#35483-14010) works alongside other components like the throttle valve and pressure regulator to manage the hydraulic pressure within the system. However, like all mechanical parts, the Governor Weight Inner (#35483-14010) can wear down, become clogged, or break over time. When this happens, shifting gears could become erratic or unresponsive, leading to potential damage to the transmission. Hence, regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended to maintain vehicle compatibility. These genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering reassurance to our customers. Ultimately, the Governor Weight Inner (#35483-14010)'s function contributes to the overall performance and safety of your vehicle's transmission system, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35483-14010

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